Astro-Vision AstroLight

Astro-Vision AstroLight 1.0

Manages regional Indian horoscope charts

Work with horoscope charts of several common styles such as North Indian, East Indian and South Indian. The package contains matching algorithms with regional preferences accounted for, including Nakshatra compatibility check, Dasa Sandhi check, Kuja Dosha check, etc.

Astro-Vision AstroLight Kundli Software and Kundli Matching Software, helps you to prepare Janam Kundli and life predictions in various regional languages of your choice in a matter of seconds. Astro-Vision AstroLight also contains Kundli Matching Software, which provides a choice of chart formats, like, North Indian, East Indian and South Indian chart styles. You can select regional preferences based on which the matching is performed.AstroLight also provides gemstone recommendation as well.

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